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"The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives."   Albert Einstein

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Welcome to completenaturallife.com
Complete Natural Life is here to help you live a Healthy Natural and Organic Lifestyle.

These are wonderful times we are living in and there is so much to be thankful for.  Sure, life is full of challenges, ups and downs, but by day and by night we grow from a seed into a beautiful flower.  It is our attitudes that make all the difference, good times and bad times come and go, but we need not worry nor be fearful, it is Thankfulness that is the Amazing Grace. 

Martha Washington, Mother of our country, once said:    “I am determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself.  For I have learned that the greater part of our misery or unhappiness is determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition.”

And Neale Walsch, an American Seer, wrote these enlightening words:   “The struggle ends when the gratitude begins”

What is a Complete Natural Life?  Some might think that to live a Complete Natural life would be to live in the stone age, to grunt a lot, sit around a fire, eat what you can, and run like H…. when something wants to eat you.  Well that is a little impractical for the 21st century, but we can certainly live a life that is in tune with Nature, both on the inside and out. 
A few decades ago, there was a move to get Back To Nature.  My friends found a farm waaaay out in the country, you know, no electricity, no running water, and of course no bathroom; I recall burnt pancakes on a wood burning stove that was near impossible to control.  Not quite the Nature romance we might dream of today; but I must say, there was something magical about it – we did get Back To Nature
Let us jump forward a bit, and Be Here Now.  A Natural Life means different things to different people, and if you are reading this, then you too have your own idea of what a Natural Life means to you.  Our ideas here at Complete Natural Life revolve around a life of clean healthy living in mind, body, environment and spirit.  It means to take Care of our Mother Earth with eco-friendly products whenever we can.  It means to feed our families, our friends and ourselves Natural and Organic Foods as much as possible and practical.  It means to pay particular attention to what kind of food we give our children, that they have every opportunity to live a long healthy life.  It also means to care for our Home in the finest way and create an environment that is uplifting, clean, and in harmony. 
In the Natural Food departments of Complete Natural Life, hundreds and hundreds of All Natural and Organic Foods are offered.  There are products to meet every type of health conscious need, we have Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Vegan, Protein Rich, Kosher, and much more.   Your Cooking, Baking, and Bodies needs can be fulfilled here, dig in and have a look.  And have a look at our Natural Baby section where the same principles apply to the foods offered for a Healthy, Happy, Harmonious Baby. 
In this wild and crazy world we live in, even under the best of conditions, our bodies sometimes need aid.  In the Natural Supplements department of Complete Natural Life one will find just the right assistance among the 500 offerings; there are the amazing Bach Flower Remedies, aids for Digestive Health, Sleep and Stress, and Allergy Relief.  Plus, you will discover a full line of Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, and many other Natural Wonders, all offered to sustain, or renew, or rejenerate our Natural Balance.
And while you are looking, surf the Natural Bath and Body section of our offerings.  Amazing products are found here, Holistic and Organic, All Natural creations for the Beauty and Care of the Whole Body, be it flowing hair, sun kissed skin, or loving lips, all are cared for here at Complete Natural Life.
What about our Pets?  Living in man’s world in homes and neighborhoods, our Pets systems are in need of a Natural boost as well.  If your Dog lived in the wild, he/she would run with a pack and eat wild game, drink fresh water from streams, and nibble on some nutritious green grasses; your Cat living in the wild, would feast on field mice, birds, or other animals, which in turn had been nurtured by the Earth.  It is our responsibility as Pet Owners to care for their needs with love and good nutritious foods, that they too can live a more Natural Life.  At Complete Natural Life, you will find many options to rejuvenate and sustain optimal nutrition for your Natural Pet.  Taking a Holistic approach, our suppliers offer a variety of Natural and Organic human-grade Dog Food, Cat Food and Treats, free from fillers or by products, made with pure intent with the well-being of your Pet in mind.
Our Natural Home, our precious Home, where we rest and refresh and rejuvenate for the next venture into this world; be it a Pad or a Palace it is where we can totally relax and be ourselves.  As we realize that our Home is alive, filled with our energies and reflecting back to us many things, we become more alert to supplying it’s needs for our comfort.  Think about how it feels after you have done a thorough cleaning, crawl into a bed with fresh sheets, or how the house responds after a long cold winter when you first open all the windows in early spring and the fresh air and sunshine stream in, it is as though the house is dancing, and Joy fills the air.  For the moment, Complete Natural Life has focused the attention of the Natural Home category on cleanliness and freshness Eco, Earth Friendly, and Green Cleaning Products abound in our store offering, you will find goods from conscientious manufacturers like BioKleen, Eco-Me, and Seventh Generation for caring for every room of the house.  In kitchen Soaps and Laundry there are such wonderful items to choose from among the many enviromentally friendly products.
Excitement tantalizes the air in our Natural Home category, because many new and wondrous items will soon be offered here.  We will bring you Earth, Wind, Water and Light - Fountains and Water Elements, Wind Chimes, and Exotic Lights, Crystals and Minerals, just to name a few of the colorful ideas we have for Your Natural Home, offerings to uplift, bring peace, ease and delight into your vital environment.  Check with us often, for soon they will come.
At Complete Natural Life, we will also bring other gifts to nurture the art of positive living, spread a little cheer, make a place for some Grace, a little Light for the Sight; look for the coming offerings on our Home Page, Blog, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest – coming soon, coming soon.  We are grateful to have you as part of our family, and thank you for shopping with us.  We leave you with a beautiful quote.

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."   Albert Einstein

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